Our first long flight to Sydney, Australia

Our first long flight to Sydney, Australia

On 2012 i traveled to Sydney, Australia with my 1,5 years baby while i was expecting my baby no.2. That was hard, especially with all the tantrum drama. Thank God the flight from Jakarta to Sydney was a midnight flight. So i had to deal with cranky baby with a super low energy. She slept most of the time during the flight   2       3

The hard task was on the flight back to Jakarta. Too bad there was no midnight flight from Sydney to Jakarta, so we took the morning flight. Yup morning flight, with 1,5 years old kid was so stressful. Still i thank God that she was in a good mood. What i did is only feed her during take off and landing time. To all parents out there who wants to bring your child (-ren) on vacation, let me tell you something, bring along your kid(s) favourite snacks with you all the time. Feed them during take off / landing and 30 minutes before landing when the aircraft on descent. Wish u enjoy your vacation with your kid(s)


xoxo gretha dharmawan

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