South korea…. annyeonghaseyo

South korea…. annyeonghaseyo

In 2013 we decided to go to Korea. The baby daughter was 10 months old and still learnt how to walk. yessss, that was a struggle. if i can repeat that moment i will pending the vacation in 2 or 3 months later, and wait until the baby daughter can walk properly.

Why is that so? When a baby is learning how to walk, she always wants to go down and walk ( even though she knows that she can’t, yet ). If i hold her or put her on the stroller, she cried like crazy. But if i let her walk, i think we couldn’t finish the tour on time. So it was a dilemmatic situation for me. Last but not least, the big sister also still on her tantrum age, which always getting jealous when mom is busy with the baby daughter. It ends up both wanted to be hold by mommy :”(


By the way Korea is a good place to visit. We went to the everland and the kids love it ( It’s disneyland but korea version ). If you plan to go to Korea, you really have to come here.

kor3   kor2

We also visited the famous teddy bear museum



Another place we’ve been visited when we were there was Nami island. Is located 63 km away from Seoul and is famous for its beautiful lined roads. If you are a big fans of Korean drama series, you’ll know that the “winter Sonata” movie was made in this island.

kor13   kor11

Here’s some other picture from my Korea trip

kor9 kor8 kor6 kor12 kor10

Almost forgot… The food in Korea hmmmmm yummy. From my first day there until my last day, i always enjoy the food. all the kimchi, all the grilled things, all the side dishes…. oh well, would never complaining the food.

So, anyone plan to visit Korea?  Do share some pics if you enjoy Korea.


xoxo gretha dharmawan


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