Taipei – Taiwan 2013

Taipei – Taiwan 2013

Well, there’s nothing much i can talk about this trip. We definitely had chosen the wrong time to travel to Taipei on summer day. The weather was super hot. It’s difficult to enjoy the trip when you (esp the kids) were exhausted most of the time. Kids were super cranky, and the tantrum drama was killing me.

But still we took some picture and tried to enjoy our 4 days trip in Taipei.

On the first day we visited “Chiang Kai – shek Memorial Hall” Chiang Kai-shek was the former president of the republik of China. It is located in Zhongzheng District, Taipei.. ¬†When we were there, we watched the ceremony of the changing of the guard which is for me very interesting to watch. The building itself is very impressive. If you have plan to visit Taipei and learn about history of Taiwan, i think this is the right place for you to visit.

taip5 taip6 taip10

At night we went to the Taipei 101 tower, formly known as the Taipei world financial Center. The height of this tower is 508m. In 2004 this Taipei 101 tower was classified as the world’s tallest building. There, we took Guiness World Record breaking high speed elevator. It travelled to the 89th floor with only 37 seconds. Yeah thats quite interesting. Thank God i gave some candies to my kids so they didnt have ear problems during travel with that super fast elevator. From the 89th floor you can see taipei city view in all directions. thats awesome. Oh not to forgot that you can also find the super big wind damper on the 88th floor.

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The last 3 days, we decided not to go anywhere because of the weather. My baby daughter got fever, and we thougt it’s better to stay in until the sun goes down…. OOO what a dull holiday. i know, i know !!! So in the evening we went to shilin night market¬†…. Here you can find many different types of food, that you surely never tried before. It’s a bit crowded but still i’ll recommend you to go. Not only food you can also do some shopping like clothes, bags, etc. If you travel with kids like i do, please please please keep your eyes on them like every seconds. Once you lost your kids in this area, i think it’s gonna be hard to find them because of the crowd.

Last but not least, we love taiwan international airport. Because of what? Beacause Hello Kitty all over the place. In the nursery room, all decorated in Hello kitty theme. even the toilet paper was embosssed with hello kitty face. Oh such a paradise for the girls.

taip3 taip2 taip1

Zai Jian Taiwan, wish someday i can go back there in another season of time

xoxo – GD

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